Sunday, 27 January 2013

DIY - Harness bracelet

 This is one of the easiest jeweleries  i've ever made!
I saw a similar bracelet on another blog and wanted to make one for some of my sisters and for my self.

 What you actually need to do is pretty simple and it;s just 3 steps!
1. You create this first piece by measuring your wrist.
2. You put the second piece in the middle of the wrist bracelet
3. The third piece needs to be able to come in and out of your finger easily.
Then you just attach everything using small rings.

The trick is you need to be careful with the length of the second part cause your hand needs to be able to move BUT you dont need it too long cause it will fall on the side of your hand all the time.

Little Miss

What to wear to....

Your collegue's child's Christening.

1. Every event needs a cute card to give them your well wishes....I like to add a sweet touch so i used the heart punch

2. It was midday so i kept things casual with this cute top from Massimo Dutti and a gold long necklace....i consider it a bit rock!

3. I wore these slippers from Zara

4. My older sister lent me this clutch....the photo doesn't do it justice though

5. The party's theme was mickey  mouse!

I wore the classic Zara black leggings to keep things a bit on the rock side...

Little Miss


Lazy Sunday

This Sunday has been (sort of) a lazy one!
I had an obligation later on which didn't allow me to go to church....
Anohooo....This gave me the time to recollect the things that happened in my life this week.
Here are the highlights:

1.  I visited my godparents and got to experience this view from their farm

2. I enjoyed a cup of tea with my mom by the fireplace

 3. I made this necklace for my kid sister...i promised it for her birthday which was a few weeks ago...

4. I went to a nice event about the Holocaust

5.  I stumbled on these cute bottles during a grocery store visit with my sis...At the first glance i thought it was beer but i got a little closer cause i loved the bottle so i happily discovered it was a fruit drink

6. My nephews always look for sweets when they come up the attic....i don't want to leave them complained!!!

p.s. Love never fails!

Little Miss