Thursday, 28 February 2013

When life gives you lemons.....

...make a....

I find it such a blessing if you can grown things in your yard...especially if you can grow fruits and vegetables!
But as a person involved in the chemical quality of waters and soil i can tell you one thing....
Not everyone is that blessed!
It seems that this year everyone had plenty of citrus fruit or at least enough to give to others as well....People would give away lemons even in church this Sunday! mom who is one of the best women i know....and who is always at the top of things...made lemonade!
It's not enough that she made some great lemonade, she used this bottle i love love love just to make me smile!!!!

By the way........this phrase was playing in my mind 2 days now so i googled it and found this poem in wiki "Eight years before Carnegie's book brought the phrase back into the mainstream, a poetic rendition of the phrase entitled The Optimist appeared in a 1940 edition of The Rotarian:
"Life handed him a lemon,
As Life sometimes will do.
His friends looked on in pity,
Assuming he was through.
They came upon him later,
Reclining in the shade
In calm contentment, drinking
A glass of lemonade."
Little Miss

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Jewellery & Packaging

We've celebrated a few birthdays and going away's in this part of the world...
So...what better excuse to show your love and give a gift...or two :)

Here are the tools:
-Really......really cute carton piece....for example....glittery ones!!!!
-Paper cutter
-Punch hole
-Scizors your sis brought from Budapest or cool lifetime guarantee scizors from the pharmacy
-Jewellery tools

As i mentioned in a previous post, i made a cute necklace for my little sis but i needed a cute packaging for two reasons:
1. Because its cute and sweet
2. Because i didnt want to ruin it.

My other little sis asked me to make this ear ring for a friend who was going away 
(since my sis had it and her friend liked it). 

Finally, i made a gold one for my sis because she only had a  silver one!!!

Tip: when using super glue make sure you use a piece of wood to protect the table you are working on :)

Little Miss