Thursday, 14 February 2013

Jewellery & Packaging

We've celebrated a few birthdays and going away's in this part of the world...
So...what better excuse to show your love and give a gift...or two :)

Here are the tools:
-Really......really cute carton piece....for example....glittery ones!!!!
-Paper cutter
-Punch hole
-Scizors your sis brought from Budapest or cool lifetime guarantee scizors from the pharmacy
-Jewellery tools

As i mentioned in a previous post, i made a cute necklace for my little sis but i needed a cute packaging for two reasons:
1. Because its cute and sweet
2. Because i didnt want to ruin it.

My other little sis asked me to make this ear ring for a friend who was going away 
(since my sis had it and her friend liked it). 

Finally, i made a gold one for my sis because she only had a  silver one!!!

Tip: when using super glue make sure you use a piece of wood to protect the table you are working on :)

Little Miss

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