Saturday, 20 October 2012

The T-shirt project

First of all let me get this straight...........i have no idea how to all!
This doesn't mean i can't cut....right?Right!
Well....this summer i bought this cute polka dot t-shirt from zara that had a veeeeery low cut at the back....
i loved  it so i bought it but when i got home, i realised it was semi transparent. Somebody else may not even had noticed this but i always look at the was determined i would find a way that would not hide the beautiful back of the t-shirt but that would remove this semi-transparency thingy.
The issue was resolved in 4 easy steps.
First of all i had to look  in my closet for a t-shirt i did not mind altering - Done - With a nude tank top i've had for ages. I loved it (hence the ownership of 3 different colors) but it was old and i always used it to compliment another top.
Then I used this yellow chalk my youngest sister has to draw the part that had to be cut.

Then i used pins to secure the two tops together.

Drum roll please....
Mission accomplished!

It was so easy that i've since then repeated this procedure on the black one as well. I bought this cute see-through cardigan from Zara with a really beautiful cut at the back, in the shape of a cry, and i couldn't waste it by wearing a normal t-shirt inside.

Bottom line? Easy peasy.......if i could do it...anyone can!

Little Miss

You are driving me nuts........with your spices

Some people have the strength and courage to go on pension and suddenly leave their town house and go build a house on the countryside....
I don't think i'll  ever be like that unless there's internet and everything in the "civilization pack"....hahaha....
I do admire "those" people though for their courage and willingness to get out of their comfort zone!
Their reward for this? Growing their own vegetable, fruits, nuts and spices and enjoying living in the countryside! Not bad ha?
Well, my mom's brother and his wife are of "those" people. 
The other day my parents had visited them and they came home with these babies.
Pistachios are my favorite nuts...i like them salted and i like them in sweets!
I am not very familiar with the spice pictured above but it look soooo good i couldn't ignore it. My mom has put it on a napkin with sea salt flakes waiting for it to dry.
I'm curious how these nuts and spices are going to look like when they are ready to be used....

Little Miss

Sunday, 7 October 2012


Lately I'm sooo obsessed with these babies.
A few weeks ago i just walked to Accesorize and bumped into these cuties.....The cupcake and hamburger are wire winders and the pink heart is used to plug 2 headphones in one port....

 (my sister's)

Little Miss

Thursday, 4 October 2012


So.......i was away for the past two months.....
but im back now in a delicious way....
during August I took some days off work and enjoyed some family time...
during those days,some of my sisters and i enjoyed these babies!!!

Its sugar on top and marshmallow below!
well....the truth is, its not as perfect as it looks as the amount of sugar is extreme but it looks oh so cute and the marshmallow was really fresh! and the best of all are the colours.....oh those bright colours!!!!

Little Miss