Saturday, 20 October 2012

You are driving me nuts........with your spices

Some people have the strength and courage to go on pension and suddenly leave their town house and go build a house on the countryside....
I don't think i'll  ever be like that unless there's internet and everything in the "civilization pack"....hahaha....
I do admire "those" people though for their courage and willingness to get out of their comfort zone!
Their reward for this? Growing their own vegetable, fruits, nuts and spices and enjoying living in the countryside! Not bad ha?
Well, my mom's brother and his wife are of "those" people. 
The other day my parents had visited them and they came home with these babies.
Pistachios are my favorite nuts...i like them salted and i like them in sweets!
I am not very familiar with the spice pictured above but it look soooo good i couldn't ignore it. My mom has put it on a napkin with sea salt flakes waiting for it to dry.
I'm curious how these nuts and spices are going to look like when they are ready to be used....

Little Miss

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