Saturday, 20 October 2012

The T-shirt project

First of all let me get this straight...........i have no idea how to all!
This doesn't mean i can't cut....right?Right!
Well....this summer i bought this cute polka dot t-shirt from zara that had a veeeeery low cut at the back....
i loved  it so i bought it but when i got home, i realised it was semi transparent. Somebody else may not even had noticed this but i always look at the was determined i would find a way that would not hide the beautiful back of the t-shirt but that would remove this semi-transparency thingy.
The issue was resolved in 4 easy steps.
First of all i had to look  in my closet for a t-shirt i did not mind altering - Done - With a nude tank top i've had for ages. I loved it (hence the ownership of 3 different colors) but it was old and i always used it to compliment another top.
Then I used this yellow chalk my youngest sister has to draw the part that had to be cut.

Then i used pins to secure the two tops together.

Drum roll please....
Mission accomplished!

It was so easy that i've since then repeated this procedure on the black one as well. I bought this cute see-through cardigan from Zara with a really beautiful cut at the back, in the shape of a cry, and i couldn't waste it by wearing a normal t-shirt inside.

Bottom line? Easy peasy.......if i could do it...anyone can!

Little Miss

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