Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lazy Sunday

This Sunday has been (sort of) a lazy one!
I had an obligation later on which didn't allow me to go to church....
Anohooo....This gave me the time to recollect the things that happened in my life this week.
Here are the highlights:

1.  I visited my godparents and got to experience this view from their farm

2. I enjoyed a cup of tea with my mom by the fireplace

 3. I made this necklace for my kid sister...i promised it for her birthday which was a few weeks ago...

4. I went to a nice event about the Holocaust

5.  I stumbled on these cute bottles during a grocery store visit with my sis...At the first glance i thought it was beer but i got a little closer cause i loved the bottle so i happily discovered it was a fruit drink

6. My nephews always look for sweets when they come up the attic....i don't want to leave them complained!!!

p.s. Love never fails!

Little Miss

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