Saturday, 30 March 2013

What to wear to...

Onsite visits......
Imagine this:
You are an engineer and you must visit customers in their premises...which means you have to go to a desalination plant/waste water treatment plant/any type of inside-outside combo plant that engineers usually visit....
At the same time you need to look professional, you want to look stylish and combine this with being fashionable (on a budget since you are still young and you are not rewarded for the amount of time you put in this business).
It all about wearing "the structured shirt"
Combined with simple black Zara legging/jeggins
And finishing the look with all stars since you have to keep your ballerinas for the office
The good thing is you can still wear a cute necklace and earring but i will save that for another post.

Little Miss

p.s. Special thanks to Zara once more....despite the fact that i think they should thank me :p

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