Monday, 10 June 2013

Happy moments

So....i've been a bit MIA lately...blame it on loads of work, blame it on loads of family visits but do blame it on procrastination as well...
My mother keeps telling me how she shouldn't postpone anything for later cause it ends up like a whole  mountain that she has to deal instead of a teeny tiny hill!
All in all......heres what i've enjoyed lately.....
i'm just recording the things that made me say WOW-A 3 times in a row....

While working i bumped into a potato gathering.....i was astonished...

Another time while working, i bumbed into these flowers that are edible. They stuff them with the mixture of minced meat and cook it in tomato sauce.
AAAAND....they deliver it with this bicycle...

This is what i get to eat on weekends!

Some people believe in evil eyes....i don't.
But i do consider them such cute and fun jewelries :D

Worthless hair thingys but oh soooo cute!

This is actually a sweet box from Chios, Greece.

Always, ALWAYS, remember this:

I have a serious resentment for summer.
But i loooove this combination.

Panacota. Nothing else matters.

Actually.....this is the only thing that matters.
Reckless baby fingers playing with each other on a bed with nothing but a guitar and the hope that someday that's all that will matter for hold their guitars/trumpets/violins/whatever instrument God puts in their heart and worship the Lord.

Little Miss

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