Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lets talk scarves!

People who know me, know how obsessed i am with scarves.
If you go even for the shortest trip to the mall with me you know i may not look at anything else in a shop, but i will certainly look for the  scarves!
Zara is usually a good sources but a bit pricey, if you ask me. It's not like the average 31-year old cant afford it but its not normal to spend the same amount of money on a scarf and on a pair of ballerinas.
Anyhooo....Here are my favorites for this season...
From left to right...
1. Happy scarf with lots of colour - it goes with everything.
2. Wintery yet stylish
3. So-Hot-Right-Now! i dont like this patern on most clothes but oh this one is PER-FECT!i just sets the mood for Christmas in a second!!!
4. Rrrrrrrrrrr!!!!This is a classic for my needs to be in the scarf drawer right this instant!

Little Miss

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